X-ray fantomhoved

45.000,00 DKK

Røntgen-mannequin til træning af røntgenfotografering.

  • X-Ray simulator for practicing dental radiography us
  • Jaw model allows the mastering of bisecting techniques
  • Jaw model is X-Ray compatible
  • Acquire basic X-Ray techniques such as film angle and projection angle for each area
  • Free-moving finger arm allows you to hold the film at the position of your choice so you can practice 10 or 14 exposure techniques
  • Phantom unit is stored inside the suitcase
  • Can be set up on the chair or on its own easily


  • Bisecting Technique 
  • Occlusal Projection 

Der medfølger 

  • Head Base Unit 
  • Mask 
  • Jaw Model P27-XR.1 
  • Articulator 
  • Desk Clamp Unit 
  • Trunk Unit 


Model/Varenr.: 400486
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

Specifikationer om produktet

  • Varenummer: 400486
  • Leverandørvarenummer: X-Ray Phantom 
  • Kategori: Røntgen  
  • Mærke: Nissin Dental Products Inc.