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A Guide for Practicing Dentists
Written by an international group of renowned experts in the field of reconstruction of pulpless teeth, this is a very practical book explaining in detail, step by step, the general principles of correct decision-making in endodontics, reconstructions and aesthetics of root canal treated teeth. How to avoid fractures? Should we carry out retreatment, or use implants? Should we restore pulpless teeth with direct or indirect restorations? How we can bleach discolourations after teeth have been endo-treated? How can aesthetics be improved in compromised cases? Should we use fibre posts? How can sub-gingival defects be treated? Can we opt for porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns? The aim of the book is to answer these questions and help practising dentists make the right decisions, which often require making difficult choices. Each of the 10 chapters include detailed photographs of clinical cases, descriptions of technical procedures, and practical tips for dental practitioners. 
  • Forfatter(e)
    Maciej Zarow
  • Sprog
  • Udgivelsesår
  • Emnekategori
    Endodonti / Protetik & Dental Teknologi
  • Format
    Indbundet, 28 x 21 cm, 324 sider, 1.200 illustrationer
  • ISBN